Where She Walks, No Flowers Bloom

Cowl Neck Sweater – French Connection via TJ Maxx, Jacket – Target, Skirt – Talbots, Tights – DSW, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW Necklace – Express, Earrings – I don’t remember

I love this little coat jacket. I love the proportions and the style it brings to an outfit. I also dislike this little coat jacket sometimes. I don’t like that it collects dog and cat hair like it is its job! I also don’t like that my forearms are exposed and  get cold. But on days like today, where it isn’t super cold and I am wearing a nice warm sweater – I love it!

This skirt is new. I have a Talbot’s Outlet right near my house. I haven’t really ever shopped at Talbot’s in the past, but saw that they were having major sales (up to 80% off already marked down prices) and thought that it would be worth the trip inside. I know that they carry classic pieces and as I said yesterday, I will need some more formal work wear with my new job.  I fell in love with this skirt. It is made from a flanneled wool and is so warm and soft on top of it being an awesome shade of pink! There was a jacket that went with it, but I thought that might be too much of a good thing. The other great part was that it was only $22!! I snatched it up. I also got another great red skirt for only $10. I can’t wait to wear it as well. I decided that this skirt would be best debuted in my new job with classic neutrals. This gray sweater with black accents did the trick. I also love that I am showing a little bit of my fun personality with these beautiful gray patterned tights. Last time I wore them with heels, today I wanted to just have a little bit of the pattern showing, so I wore boots.

Here is a picture of my tired little Buggy. She is beautiful even when grumpy! She is wearing a shirt from Kohls, and her skirt/pants are from Target.

Also – please ignore the fact that my skirt lining is sticking out. I didn’t notice that the skirt had shifted.

{Title taken from the Civil Wars once again! It is the first line in their Birds of a Feather song. I figured in this cold, there are no flowers growing where I walk. That and I love the rose color of this skirt. It fit in my mind & since this is my blog – that is all that matters! }