#StyleMeMarch Neutrals & White {switching today and tomorrow’s prompts}

Today’s challenge was to wear two patterns together. Tomorrow’s challenge is to wear neutrals and white. I am switching it up!!

Jacket, blouse, and belt – The Limited, Pants – Express, Jewelry – New York and Company, Shoes – Banana Republic

So I haven’t talked much in detail about the work that I do. But events this week have been heartbreaking. I work for a school system and was a teacher leader at a particular school for about 5 years. In January, I was promoted to a central office job. Yesterday, a student at that school was murdered by her father in a murder – suicide. I am devastated. I don’t understand.


3 thoughts on “#StyleMeMarch Neutrals & White {switching today and tomorrow’s prompts}

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  2. Wow. I feel silly commenting on your outfit as I had planned to do! I know it sounds stupid but I just CANNOT comprehend how one can take one’s own life, let alone their child’s or their spouse’s. I guess you just have to be really, really mentally ill for that to become the last choice you make in life. My former co-worker (who I am still really close to) lost a very good friend (and sister to her daughter-in-law, if that makes sense) about a year and a half ago when her estranged husband shot her to death and then himself. I don’t get it. I’m GLAD I don’t get it, if that makes sense.

  3. i am so sorry that you are having to deal with the weight of this news & try to make sense of it when that might never happen. i hope you and your coworkers are finding some comfort in each other.

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