#StyleMeMarch: LBD to Work

Yet another great prompt for day!

Today we were prompted to wear a LBD to work. I thought that I went pretty basic with doing this, and I got TONS of compliments today on my outfit and hair. It must have seemed special to my colleagues. 

Cardi – New York and Company, Dress – New York and Company, Cami – New York and Company, Belt – New York and Company, Tights – Target, Jewelry – Kohls, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW

I really liked how the outfit turned out. The subtle pattern mixing of the tights and the cami add just the right amount of interest. ūüôā

I have a confession to make about this outfit. I altered it to work for the camisole and for work. This is a picture of how the dress looks un-altered.

(Click on the picture for source)

I love the dramatic neckline of this dress and it just didn’t work for this outfit today, so I pinned the points back and made it a v-neck.

I tried something new with my hair again today too!. I should have taken pictures this morning, when it was still in place – after a 12 hour work day, it was starting to fall apart. Overall, I liked the effect. I am finally starting to get used to the shortness of my bangs. Speaking of hair… I am pretty scared about tomorrow’s prompt. We are supposed to tease our hair. Wish me luck!


#StyleMeMarch: Wear a Pattern & Catching up on D2 – Braid

Style Me March Challenge = Love!

Today’s prompt was to wear a pattern and the second day that I missed was to wear a hair braid. Again, I combined them to be all caught up!

Shirt – New York and Company, Sweater – Old Navy, Pants – Eddie Bauer, Necklace – Gift from MIL, Boots – Michael Shannon via Rack Room

Braiding my hair was out of my comfort zone. I am just experimenting with this style. I have never really worn braids, even as a young child. I have had short hair most of my life and never really learned how to braid my hair very well. Now that my hair is long, I would actually like to learn how to french braid it, but since I don’t even know how to french braid – I went with a very simple braid.

Last night before picking out what to wear today, I was g-chatting with a friend. We were talking about not knowing what to wear today and that person asked me what were my hunches about what I might want to wear (silly question I know, but it did get me thinking and that was the point!). I replied that I wanted to wear something warm and comfortable yet still stylish and professional. I then went to my closet to try and put together an outfit that met that criteria AND had a pattern in it somewhere.

This sweater was staring at me from my clean laundry basket. The shirt was laying underneath the sweater… instant outfit! I then pulled out four different pairs of pants and decided that these were the best option for the day. While there is nothing super special about the outfit, I love the color combinations and the overall preppy feel. Since I was feeling preppy, I immediately grabbed my fake pearls. Mission =accomplished!

Have you ever created an outfit just because of the way you folded your laundry? I don’t know that I would have thought to put these pieces together otherwise and I love it!

Casual Weekend Wear

My inlaws were in town this weekend. We had a lot of fun relaxing. Friday night we went to dinner near by and just caught up. Saturday we played at the local park with the Bug and then the Hubs and I went on a date without the baby – dinner and a movie. The grandparents watched the baby and loved it! Sunday after church, we went to Co Co Sala for brunch. The chocolate was amazing and i cannot wait to go back with girlfriends. Today I had doctor’s appointments and errands to run after the inlaws left for Ohio.

Here is a roundup of weekend outfits. I wore one other one – but the Bug got it very dirty and not picture worthy.


Sweater – Target, Flannel – Target, Jeans – Levis via TJ Maxx, Shoes – Target

It was a long week and it was nice to change into something very comfortable for dinner at the local diner.

SATURDAY at the Park

Shirt – Old Navy, Sweater – TJ Maxx, Necklace – New York and Company, Gray Tank – Target, Jeans – Old Navy, Socks – Target, Boots – Steve Madden via DSW

This was my park and date night outfit. Pretty casual – but we really just ate dinner at the mall and then went to a movie.

Sunday Brunch

Shirt and Cardi – New York and Company, Jeans – Levis via TJ Maxx, Necklace – gift from MIL, Glasses – Calvin Klein (these are my old glasses… I can’t wait for my new ones to come in), Shoes – Candies via Kohls.

Monday Errands

Tank – Target, Cardi – New York and Company, Jewelry – Target, Jeans – Old Navy, Socks – Target, Boots – Steve Madden via DSW, Belt – New York and Company

I am so excited that the Hubs and I did a little bit of shopping when we were out running errands. I have some BOLD outfits coming this week.

The detail shots are always fun to put together. You may have noticed that some pieces I wore over and over again. That happens on the weekends. I like to remix multiple days in a row. I also think that leopard should be considered a neutral. What do you think?

I also found out that I can make my hair wavy. Naturally my hair is very straight -so to have a little waves is very exciting to me. What do you think? Do you like the waves?

***on a side note – I took all of these pictures this morning due to the fact that we were super busy and my daughter was loving her snack in the highchair***

Challenge: 1 Shirt, 7 Days {Day 4}

Well here we go… over half way there now!!

**Day1 ** Day 2** Day 3**

and today is Day 4!

Shirt – Old Navy, Dress – The Limited, Belt – New York and Company, Necklace – World Market, Boots – DSW, Nude Tights – KMart

Today is actually inspired by Thursday’s look. I knew that I wanted to wear this dress for the challenge when I bought it. I did feel a little dressed up cowgirl though with the boots. But I went with it anyways.

 What do you think? Did I pull off the Thursday look today?

PS – sorry for the shortness of words lately. It has been a long week and I cannot wait for it to be the weekend!!! Yay for a long weekend.

Gray Day

I have been thinking about this outfit for a while now. I originally thought about it with gray pants, but went with a skirt instead because I wanted to wear the boots.

Sweater – Old Navy, Button-Up – New York & Company, Necklace – Eastern Market, Skirt – The Limited, Tights – New York & Company, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW

What do you think? Do you like the monochrome gray? Someone in the elevator today told me that they really liked my outfit. When strangers say it – it must be true.

So starting tomorrow – I am going to do this thing called Find it Friday. This is where I go and find something in my closet that I haven’t worn in a while and find a way to make it work. I will then decide if it is a keeper or not. Let me know if you want to join me. ūüôā

Where She Walks, No Flowers Bloom

Cowl Neck Sweater – French Connection via TJ Maxx, Jacket – Target, Skirt – Talbots, Tights – DSW, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW Necklace – Express, Earrings – I don’t remember

I love this little coat jacket. I love the proportions and the style it brings to an outfit. I also dislike this little coat jacket sometimes. I don’t like that it collects dog and cat hair like it is its job! I also don’t like that my forearms are exposed and ¬†get cold. But on days like today, where it isn’t super cold and I am wearing a nice warm sweater – I love it!

This skirt is new. I have a Talbot’s Outlet right near my house. I haven’t really ever shopped at Talbot’s in the past, but saw that they were having major sales (up to 80% off already marked down prices) and thought that it would be worth the trip inside. I know that they carry classic pieces and as I said yesterday, I will need some more formal work wear with my new job. ¬†I fell in love with this skirt. It is made from a flanneled wool and is so warm and soft on top of it being an awesome shade of pink! There was a jacket that went with it, but I thought that might be too much of a good thing. The other great part was that it was only $22!! I snatched it up. I also got another great red skirt for only $10. I can’t wait to wear it as well. I decided that this skirt would be best debuted in my new job with classic neutrals. This gray sweater with black accents did the trick. I also love that I am showing a little bit of my fun personality with these beautiful gray patterned tights. Last time I wore them with heels, today I wanted to just have a little bit of the pattern showing, so I wore boots.

Here is a picture of my tired little Buggy. She is beautiful even when grumpy! She is wearing a shirt from Kohls, and her skirt/pants are from Target.

Also – please ignore the fact that my skirt lining is sticking out. I didn’t notice that the skirt had shifted.

{Title taken from the Civil Wars once again! It is the first line in their Birds of a Feather song. I figured in this cold, there are no flowers growing where I walk. That and I love the rose color of this skirt. It fit in my mind & since this is my blog – that is all that matters! }

My Weekend Uniform

Like so many people that I know, I have a weekend uniform. In the winter, my weekend go to outfit is jeans, boots, a sweater, and a scarf. So here is a very neutral version of my uniform.

Black turtleneck – KMart, Black Sweater – Kohls, Belt – American Eagle circa 1999, Jeans – Old Navy, Boots – Steve Madden, Scarf – the Hubs

It is getting cold out there, so I added an extra layer today, but I really wanted to just be wearing a simple black sweater turtleneck. I don’t have one, so I made a faux one out of a turtleneck and a v-neck sweater.

Sorry, my belly is showing. I pulled up my sweater a little to see my belt. Oh well!!!

Today we went carpet shopping. We also stopped by Home Goods because we are trying to finish my crafting/girl space in our finished attic. I was looking for lamps. I found two GREAT ones. And I also found the chair that will be the color inspiration for my room. The hubs got it for me for my birthday. I can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow!

{These are cell phone pictures, so excuse the quality}

Date Night – January

This week is restaurant week in DC! It is awesome, tons of restaurants offer 3 or 4 course meals off of a special menu for a flat rate of $35.12 per person. Over the years, the hubs and I try to partake at least once during the week. This past year for Christmas, I gave him the gift of planning one date a month sans the baby. I never plan our dates and rarely plan the family outings, so this is a nice gift for him. I decided that January’s date would be for this week. I picked Ardeo + Bardeo¬†¬†as the location and got our shared daytime nanny to watch Buggy tonight.

Polka Dot Shirt – New York and Company, Black Cami – New York and Company, Belt – old, Jewelry – New York and Company, Jeans – Old Navy, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW

So the hubs and I have not been on a childless date in a long time {like since August}. I wanted something hot, but not dressy. It has been a long week at work and thinking about wearing tights tonight did not make me happy. Plus, this restaurant had a more laid back atmosphere. I love how easy this shirt is to wear and how nice it looks. I wore it here to be casual and sexy – yet I have great plans on wearing it to work in a fun professional way soon.

I started the night with a nice onion soup. It was just the right amount of salty and oniony and the cheese – to DIE for! I really love cheese. The hubs ordered the brussel sprouts for us to share because he really wanted the headcheese and ordered that separately. (I really don’t want to think about headcheese… that is absolutely NOT the kind of cheese that I love!!!) Then I had some lemony-thyme chicken with farro, it was good BUT the best part of the meal is always dessert {ok that is not true, but I do love a good dessert}. I ordered the chocolate pistachio tart and added on a nice¬†cappuccino. So good and a great end to the evening!

I really like the blue and black polka dots of this shirt too. I like that they are randomly placed, it adds whimsy to the shirt. Is anyone else obsessed with polka dots right now? That and owls… I have an owls obsession too! Although with an owl as cute as this, how could you not be obsessed?!?!


This outfit is so easy. I bet if I were to take it to dinner, I wouldn’t even need to spring for an expensive bottle of wine. Wait, you don’t take outfits to dinner. Hmmm….

Sweatshirt Cardigan РEddie Bauer, Cami РNew York and Company, Necklace and Earrings РNew York and Company, Belt РNew York and Company, Skirt РNew York and Company, Tights РNew York  and Company, Boots РSteve Madden

I am feeling frazzled. I am embracing this feeling, because I think as anyone is transitioning jobs they can feel frazzled. Today I need to be in meetings and do the physical job of moving things – that is how I ended up with this easy, comfortable, chic {in my opinion} outfit. It works. I like that it works. It is all neutrals. I like that too.