2012 Goals

2012 GOALS

  1. Watch less TV.
  2. Read More (these go hand and hand).
  3. Figure out a budget and stick with it.
  4. Spend more play/quality time with the Bug.
  5. Go on a childless date once a month with the Hubs.
  6. Learn to knit and sew
  7. Spend more time on crafting.
  8. Participate fully in clothing blog challenges – as many as possible.
  9. Eat healthier and go vegetarian 3 days or more a week.
  10. Work out 5 times a week (specifically running more frequently for longer distances).
  11. Lose weight (between 20 and 25 pounds).
  12. Keep a journal.

End of January Update

  1. I a watching less TV – but there is still room for improvement. I even deleted all my back logged housewives. 
  2. I have 10 professional books to read for work. I have read one of them. I have also read one for personal enjoyment too. 
  3. No budget yet
  4. Moving the playroom upstairs has been a huge help. Buggy and I play everyday after work up there. 
  5. January date = great. Already working on February’s. 
  6. No progress on knitting – next week when the hubs is traveling, I am going to start. 
  7. Again – not much yet. I have ideas!!
  8. I have been doing challenges. The Winter Edition 10 Day Challenge & Work it Wednesdays. I also have started the 1 shirt, 7 days challenge – I need to keep going with it. 
  9. Haven’t done it three days a week yet – but have done it at least once a week. 
  10. Working out hasn’t happened yet. I NEED to start this month. 
  11. I have lost 5 pounds since Jan. 1
  12. I haven’t journaled either. This was a good way to remind me. 

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