#StyleMeMarch: LBD to Work

Yet another great prompt for day!

Today we were prompted to wear a LBD to work. I thought that I went pretty basic with doing this, and I got TONS of compliments today on my outfit and hair. It must have seemed special to my colleagues. 

Cardi – New York and Company, Dress – New York and Company, Cami – New York and Company, Belt – New York and Company, Tights – Target, Jewelry – Kohls, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW

I really liked how the outfit turned out. The subtle pattern mixing of the tights and the cami add just the right amount of interest. 🙂

I have a confession to make about this outfit. I altered it to work for the camisole and for work. This is a picture of how the dress looks un-altered.

(Click on the picture for source)

I love the dramatic neckline of this dress and it just didn’t work for this outfit today, so I pinned the points back and made it a v-neck.

I tried something new with my hair again today too!. I should have taken pictures this morning, when it was still in place – after a 12 hour work day, it was starting to fall apart. Overall, I liked the effect. I am finally starting to get used to the shortness of my bangs. Speaking of hair… I am pretty scared about tomorrow’s prompt. We are supposed to tease our hair. Wish me luck!



Today’s outfit is brought to you by The Inclined Plane!

Loren wore this outfit back when I first found her blog and I was in love. I knew that I had to re-create it. Today was the perfect day to do that. Since I wore BRIGHT pink yesterday, I knew I wanted to tone it down a little today. A girl can only steal the spotlight so many days in a row at work. 😉


Here is my almost literal interpretation of this outfit.

Shirt – Express, Skirt and Belt – New York and Company, Necklace – gift from MIL, Earrings and Tights – The Limited, Shoes – Chinese Laundry via DSW

I had to throw in a little pop of green. This is because green is my absolute favorite and because today is March 1st! That means it is Irish month!!

Loren – you were a great inspiration! Thanks for making getting ready SUPER easy today. 🙂 What are your favorite go-to outfits? Do you ever wear all black?

Also – don’t forget to join me tomorrow for Find it Friday!

Heart Day

Valentine’s Day is such a fun day. I love pink and red… today I went for pink and red together!

Shirt – New York and Company, Skirt – Talbots Outlet, Belt – TJ Maxx, Necklace – Express, Tights – New York and Company, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW, Watch – DKNY via TJ Maxx


I have been very inspired by this picture from pinterest!

I need to try this red and pink colorblocking soon

I still want those pants. But I thought that I did a good job with the colors.

I really loved this outfit, except that my bottom button on my skirt popped off while getting the baby in the car this morning and I felt like it made the skirt slightly inappropriate for work. I managed though.  I also threw in rose lace tights because hey – it is Valentine’s day and you should celebrate with roses.

Today I also am participating in TWO challenges… I love when things collide like that.

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Check out both sites and see how others rocked it today!!

I like my lipstick today. 🙂

Gray Day

I have been thinking about this outfit for a while now. I originally thought about it with gray pants, but went with a skirt instead because I wanted to wear the boots.

Sweater – Old Navy, Button-Up – New York & Company, Necklace – Eastern Market, Skirt – The Limited, Tights – New York & Company, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW

What do you think? Do you like the monochrome gray? Someone in the elevator today told me that they really liked my outfit. When strangers say it – it must be true.

So starting tomorrow – I am going to do this thing called Find it Friday. This is where I go and find something in my closet that I haven’t worn in a while and find a way to make it work. I will then decide if it is a keeper or not. Let me know if you want to join me. 🙂

The Winter Edition 10 Day Challenge {Day 10 – Something that Scares You}

WOW! I can’t believe that it is Day 10! Now how am I gonna know what to wear next week?

Hmmmm (I guess that I will have to go over to Kimberly’s blog and use her calendar!)

Anyways – today’s challenge was to wear something that scares you. I don’t have much on the list that I haven’t conquered or tried as far as trends go and those that I do have were not work appropriate {for my job}. I still don’t own any leggings or jeggings. I have done winter shorts – but could use a better pair that feel more winter like. So I went with this, wearing a very bright colored shoe with colored pants – that weren’t the same color.

White Button-Up – New York and Company, White Sweater – Kohls, Watch – New York and Company, Necklace and Earrings – Kohls, Pants – United Colors of Benetton, Shoes – Chinese Laundry via DSW

I love color and I wear pops of color all the time. I don’t think that I have ever popped a color with another rich non-neutral right next to it like this before. I have also never worn white layers like I did with this button-up and sweater. Not a super scary outfit, but it did push my thinking and trying new things.

I have also been wanting to try some red lips, but I didn’t have time to go and pick up some good red lipstick this week, so this is what we got.

What do you think? Would you were these colors together?

Check out my other friends that tried something scary today!

Thanks Kayla for hosting such an awesome challenge! I look forward to more challenges in the future.

The Shoes That Started It All

Suit – The Limited, Blouse – The Limited, Polka Dot Tights – The Limited, Necklace – The Limited, Glasses – Calvin Klein

Shoes – Chinese Laundry via DSW

Today I want to introduce you to the shoes that started my style transformation! I have always been interested in clothing and shoes. I have tried to be stylish. But it wasn’t until I bought these shoes that I started to transform how I looked at clothing, putting together outfits, and found a true style that I call my own. While I am also constantly evolving and trying new things – my overall style could be described by these shoes.

They are my ABSOLUTE favorite color of green!

They are bold , yet have many classic qualities.

They add just the right amount of personality in any outfit pairing.

They are versatile. I can wear them to work, around town, to church, and on date night.

They are comfortable and chic –  my most favorite combination of clothing items.

These shoes = ❤ in my book!!

I also really love they turn a rather routine pale gray suit into a stylish outfit. They bring interest, match my blouse, and add a chic-ness to an outfit that could have been ordinary. The polka dot tights help too!

Happy Weekend everyone – I am looking forward to a few days off. Tomorrow I get a massage with one of my BFFs!!

Where She Walks, No Flowers Bloom

Cowl Neck Sweater – French Connection via TJ Maxx, Jacket – Target, Skirt – Talbots, Tights – DSW, Boots – Chinese Laundry via DSW Necklace – Express, Earrings – I don’t remember

I love this little coat jacket. I love the proportions and the style it brings to an outfit. I also dislike this little coat jacket sometimes. I don’t like that it collects dog and cat hair like it is its job! I also don’t like that my forearms are exposed and  get cold. But on days like today, where it isn’t super cold and I am wearing a nice warm sweater – I love it!

This skirt is new. I have a Talbot’s Outlet right near my house. I haven’t really ever shopped at Talbot’s in the past, but saw that they were having major sales (up to 80% off already marked down prices) and thought that it would be worth the trip inside. I know that they carry classic pieces and as I said yesterday, I will need some more formal work wear with my new job.  I fell in love with this skirt. It is made from a flanneled wool and is so warm and soft on top of it being an awesome shade of pink! There was a jacket that went with it, but I thought that might be too much of a good thing. The other great part was that it was only $22!! I snatched it up. I also got another great red skirt for only $10. I can’t wait to wear it as well. I decided that this skirt would be best debuted in my new job with classic neutrals. This gray sweater with black accents did the trick. I also love that I am showing a little bit of my fun personality with these beautiful gray patterned tights. Last time I wore them with heels, today I wanted to just have a little bit of the pattern showing, so I wore boots.

Here is a picture of my tired little Buggy. She is beautiful even when grumpy! She is wearing a shirt from Kohls, and her skirt/pants are from Target.

Also – please ignore the fact that my skirt lining is sticking out. I didn’t notice that the skirt had shifted.

{Title taken from the Civil Wars once again! It is the first line in their Birds of a Feather song. I figured in this cold, there are no flowers growing where I walk. That and I love the rose color of this skirt. It fit in my mind & since this is my blog – that is all that matters! }