Challenge: 1 Shirt, 7 Days (Tuesday Edition D1)

Tuesday’s Edition of 1 Shirt, 7 days

Shirt (Old Navy), Blazer (New York and Company), Skirt(New York and Company), Tights (DSW),

Shoes (BCBG via TJMaxx),  and  Jewelry (gift from MIL)

So I have done this before (on my old blog – that I took down and didn’t save), but I want to do it again, with different pieces. So I figured why not start off the blog with a challenge? (It ties into goal #8 for the year too!!)

This was put out by Shade Clothing, when they had their blog. The original link and pictures are no longer working. They take one shirt and style it 7 different ways for 7 different days. I am choosing to use my Chambray shirt from Old Navy to do this challenge.

I went with a general feeling outfit interpretation for this outfit. I wore very similar pieces, just in different colors. I like how the gray blazer is wool and warm. I am not used to the cold weather we have today. I wanted to keep it more classic looking since I was doing fun tights (also because of the cold) so I wore my faux pearl necklace. I kept the skirt the classic  pencil and wore it bright. I decided to keep my shoe neutral and went with navy because I thought that they blended the best with the outfit. Overall, I love my interpretation. I still wished that I had an orange pencil skirt though. Add it to the clothing want list. 🙂

I will be doing this challenge over a few weeks. As a mom, I don’t have time to do the laundry to do this all in one week.  This week, I will bring you the challenge on Tuesday and Friday.

** Sorry that all these pictures are inside. First, it got  WAY cold out today and neither the Hubs nor I wanted to be out there. Second, Buggy had a doctor’s appointment and it turns out that she has an ear infection AND she got her 15 month shots today – this was very unexpected and caused my evening to go awry. Lastly – I know my tree is still up, that is tomorrow’s project! I insist that it must be down by my birthday on Thursday!**


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