#StyleMeMarch: Bold Lipstick and catching up Day 1 – Favorite Color

I am really loving the Style Me March Challenge. It is giving me some guidelines while making it really easy to also infuse my own style!

Today’s prompt was bold lipstick. Since I was a few days late to this game… I also wanted to catch-up so Day 1 was your favorite color. I was able to do both today! (small victories are important!)

Shirt – Express, Pants – Express, Belt – Express, Necklace – New York and Company, Shoes – Simply Vera via Kohls

Since I have been experimenting with bold lipstick the last few weeks, I am not sure that this seems as bold as it would have to me a month ago. I do like how the more pink tone of the lipstick pairs with the kelly green pants. I think red would have been too much for me. I also LOVE these pants. Green is my favorite color and this shade of green is FANTASTIC!!! I think that these pants were made just for me!!!

Who else is participating in the Style Me March challenge?


6 thoughts on “#StyleMeMarch: Bold Lipstick and catching up Day 1 – Favorite Color

  1. Fantastic pants! I love that color of green too. I’m hoping that The Limited still has the pencil skirt in that color that they have online when I go later today – gotta take advantage of the $100 off a suit event they have going on right now!

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  3. This is my favorite outfit that you’ve posted! You look so great and I LOVE the pants! They highlight your awesome legs. Your hair looks great too. If you’re looking for a bold lip, I’d try a Mac type lipstick. The pigment is much stronger and they can set you up with something you’re comfortable with wearing.

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