Find It Friday {Week 4}

Welcome to week four of Find it Friday!

What is Find it Friday? Well it is when you FIND something in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time and wear it on FRIDAY. Then you make up your mind if it still should belong in that closet of yours.

I have two found items on today. Can you figure out which ones are the found items?

Sweater – New York and Company, Tank – New York and Company, Bangles & Watch – New York and Company, Necklace  – Express, Pants – The Limited, Shoes – Michael Shannon via Rack Room Shoes

The tank top and the red shoes are my found items. I actually have two pairs of red shoes and haven’t worn either them regularly in several years – especially these shoes. I think that it has been 2 years since I have worn them.  I love how these shoes look and what they bring to an outfit. They just aren’t the most comfortable, so I have to be careful about what tasks I am going to be doing the day I am wearing them.  I am obsessed with these tank tops. I am continually buying them in different colors and have had this one for over 5 years. I love them as layering pieces. This morning, I realized though that I have not worn this one in over a year. I guess that I need to rock the cobalt blue more often. I originally was going to wear a red tank under my sweater, but after putting it on, realized that the blue conveyed the more sophisticated look that I was going for and that I would still be using the red to pop the outfit with the necklace and shoes.

Please join me today. Comment with a link to your post and I will do a round-up of everyone this weekend.


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