Springish Gray

The weather around here has been so crazy. It goes from cold to mild in a day. One day I am freezing and the next day it is 60 degrees out. It has given me a bad case of spring fever. Today I translated that into my outfit.

 Sweater – New York and Company,  Shirt – Express, Jewelry – Target, Pants – New York and Company, Shoes – Guess via DSW

I love how this green complements the shade of blue-gray that these pants have. I also like breaking it up and making it more springlike with this white sweater.

What do you think, did I channel my spring fever?

Don’t forget to join me on Friday for Find it Friday!


2 thoughts on “Springish Gray

  1. i always love how you layer such great professional looks, it comes across so effortless! i am going to try my darndest to find an item to wear on friday to participate!

  2. Heidi –
    I really hope that you can join us. I love seeing everyone’s outfits. I will say that getting dressed for work is much easier for me than getting dressed for a casual social event. I never feel like i hit the right mark. I am working on that.

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