Find It Friday – Don’t Forget to Join Me Tomorrow

Want to join me in Find It Friday tomorrow?

Grab this here button and join me!!

1. Add this graphic to your post

2. Link to my blog

3. Comment on my blog and I will share your pictures with everyone else

4. Don’t have a blog – email your picture and I will include it in a round up post {}

I am looking into the link party for future posts if this draws in a crowd.

Code for button after jump

<p style=”text-align: center;”><a href=””><img title=”Find It Friday” src=”; alt=”” width=”514″ height=”380″ /></a></p>


7 thoughts on “Find It Friday – Don’t Forget to Join Me Tomorrow

  1. Ahh! Dilemma! I had planned on linking up tomorrow, but I am doing a guest post for a blogger that is in India and she is posting my guest post tomorrow (so, my post tomorrow links back to her). So, I’ll email you my outfit and post it on my blog this weekend (and include a link). I really like the idea!

  2. Ah! I was totally going to do this, with the outfit that I am currently wearing (I actually “found” something in my closet without even thinking of your great idea), but I won’t be able to get the post up until after work sometime. Is that ok? My regularly scheduled outfit post for today is what I wore yesterday (and I didn’t find anything!).

    xoxox Shay

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