Find It Friday {Week 2}

Yay for Find it Friday!

Find it Friday is when you FIND something in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time and wear it on FRIDAY. Then you make up your mind if it still should belong in that closet of yours.

Who wants to guess which item I “found” today?

Dress – Connections via Ross, Shirt  and Jewelry  – New York and Company, Tights and Belt – Target, Shoes – BGBG via TJ Maxx

FIND out after the break! 

It is the shirt. I haven’t worn this shirt in about 3 years. I really like the colors, the stripes, and the ruffles. Sometimes it is hard to layer with the ruffles though and I usually like to layer in the winter.  I also have only worn this dress once. I bought it right before coming back to work this fall and wore it my first week back to work. That was it. I really like how this whole outfit worked today though. I think that I should try layering this shirt more under other dresses or jackets and not just sweaters. I also like this dress. I need to figure out other ways to remix. Do you have ideas of how to remix this dress and or this shirt?

I hope that you can join me! Leave a comment and I will do a round up post on Saturday morning!


4 thoughts on “Find It Friday {Week 2}

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  2. i really love both your dress and the button-down! i love having button-downs with a nice print or some sort of visual interest to them in my closet though to easily pull together a professional look. i love it layered under the v-neck dress! keep!

  3. Great, very pulled together look! Professional with personality 🙂 (I think I’d like to see this with your boots) Awesome job!

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