Love Exchange

I was so excited to join the Love Exchange that Stacia and Viktoria put together. I can’t wait for my LOVE to share her gift.

Marta got my name and as a fellow DC blogger… I was totally excited to get connected.  She was so thoughtful. I mean she searched my blog trying to find a gift that I would like. She found my 2012 goals page and decided to give me something for each of my goals.

*** I had all sorts of great pictures that I took as I opened everything last week. The Hubs went out of town and took the camera that had all those pictures on it. These are more general pictures that I took tonight. I am missing the Peeps picture because I ate all of them already. ***

She wrapped everything too – and labeled it for each goal.

It literally was the sweetest gift ever!

Here is the list:

1.  A little outside challenge for less TV{a list of non-tv activities for a week}

2.  A bookmark for a lovely bookworm {handmade bookmark}

3. Nothing helps better in  “sticking” to the budget than good ol’ lists {notepads}

4. A craft with beanette for some quality time { paper and crayons}

5. If you need someone to watch the baby {free babysitting voucher}

6. I “sew” pins somewhere here {cute pin cushion}

7. Now you won’t have an excuse not to craft. {cut out hearts}

8. Clothing challenge for a “lovely” time {this will be soon – check back}

9. Thought I would share some of my family favorites {yummy recipes that I can’t wait to try}

10. No more excuse not to exercise when it is raining/cold {jump rope}

11. 20 pounds to lose – 20 treats, one for each pound {CHOCOLATE!!}

12. What I thought are the best reasons in keeping a journal { a great list of ideas}

Thank you so much and especially for the just because Peeps and thinking about such a creative gift!!


7 thoughts on “Love Exchange

  1. Awww I am so glad you liked it. As I said I am not really a fashionista girl and didn’t want to pick something you would not like…. this way at least you can use it 😀 Glad to meet you and follow your fashion adventures 😀 Will be back with some fashion questions!!

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