Find it Friday { Week 1 }

Today I bring you my first Find it Friday!

What is Find it Friday? Well it is when you FIND something in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long time and wear it on FRIDAY. Then you make up your mind if it still should belong in that closet of yours. If you ever want to join me – let me know and if I get enough interest, I will teach myself how to have a link party and link you all in. 🙂

Cardi – New York and Company, Gray Shirt – Target, Skirt – Express, Belt – New York and Company, Tights – Kohls, Shoes – New York and Company, Jewelry – Target

So the item that I FOUND is this skirt. It is a mix of menswear and girly ruffles. I really liked it at the time, but I am not sure {after over 4 years of not wearing it} that the proportions are right for my body. I also feel weird with the ruffles, like they are too girly for me. I also think that it is weird that I would find something to be too girly for me. I mean I LOVE pink, and skirts, and shoes, and girly things in general. I don’t know if it is the combination of the ruffles and pinstripes or just the proportions, but I am not sold on it. I didn’t wear heels today, so that could have contributed to my uncertainty as well.

What do you think? Should it stay or should it find a new home?

I am thinking about keeping the skirt for another month and if I wear it again – it will stay. If I don’t, then off it goes to find another owner that will rock it!


6 thoughts on “Find it Friday { Week 1 }

  1. i love this idea, i would definitely love to participate. i have a lot of things in my closet that i should either decide to keep and start wearing or donate!

    i see where you are coming from with the skirt! you look great in pencil skirts but the ruffles on this skirt kind of throw me off. i think it’s fair to keep it around for another month and try to wear it a different way to see if you like it any better!

  2. I would definately lose the skirt. The ruffle at the bottom draws your eye down, making you appear shorter and the width of the ruffle adds lbs. Rip the ruffle off and you may have a keeper! The cardigan is very pretty and draws your face up. Keep the bottom simple and close to the body. I’m a short girl too, and can’t wear any gathered skirts because they make me look 4x as wide.

  3. I agree with Mary above – I also think this is a hard sillhouette to wear; I know I for one can’t pull it off. I do love your colors here, though! Oh, and I am also down for participating on Fridays! Lord knows I have enough stuff I have forgotten about over time.

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