The Winter Blues…& Whites

This has been such a strange winter weather wise. One day it is upper 60s and the next it could be snowing. Very weird!

Today’s outfit is almost exclusively New York and Company.

White Dress – New York & Company, Polka Dot Shirt – New York & Company, Jewelry – New York & Company, Flower Pin – New York & Company, Belt – New York & Company, Watch – DKNY via TJ Maxx, Shoes – Guess via DSW

Last night while I was laying in bed, tossing and turning, I came up with this outfit idea. I have been wanting to wear this polka dot shirt in a more professional way than I did for date night. I also haven’t worn this dress in a while because white in the winter can be hard to pull off. I do love the fun polka dots with this otherwise very straight-laced dress. The belt adds a little more dimension to the outfit too.

I like how this outfit looks. But I also realized that I am super fair skinned these days & and this outfit emphasizes that as well.  I am happy that tomorrow is Friday! This has been a great week, but a VERY long week. As I mentioned earlier – I haven’t been sleeping very well. I tend not to sleep when I have a lot going on in my mind & starting a new job qualifies as a lot going on.


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