This outfit is so easy. I bet if I were to take it to dinner, I wouldn’t even need to spring for an expensive bottle of wine. Wait, you don’t take outfits to dinner. Hmmm….

Sweatshirt Cardigan – Eddie Bauer, Cami – New York and Company, Necklace and Earrings – New York and Company, Belt – New York and Company, Skirt – New York and Company, Tights – New York  and Company, Boots – Steve Madden

I am feeling frazzled. I am embracing this feeling, because I think as anyone is transitioning jobs they can feel frazzled. Today I need to be in meetings and do the physical job of moving things – that is how I ended up with this easy, comfortable, chic {in my opinion} outfit. It works. I like that it works. It is all neutrals. I like that too.


2 thoughts on “Easy

  1. This sweatshirt cardigan is fabulous! I haven’t looked at Eddie Bauer in years and you have me seriously rethinking this! So cute! Also, love your mix of neutrals with the grey, black and brown.

  2. Thanks Kimberly! I hadn’t been to Eddie Bauer in years either and this fall, the hubs and I went in and realized that they have some good stuff. I also have some dress pants from there. I love that this is casual but not actually a sweatshirt.

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