You Only Know What I Want You To

Sweater – Old Navy, Tank – Target, Jeans – New York and Company, Shoes – Target, Belt – New York and Company,  Scarf – Kohls, and Earrings – Little Shop in Maine

Today is my last day off over for the holidays.  I went to Costco, Safeway, World Market, and TJMaxx. I decided to be very casual today, since this week will be hard enough getting back into the routine. I love the two shades of gray together though. Gray is probably my favorite neutral and I love pretty much all shades of gray. Teal and green work great together and I liked having a pop of teal around my face with green on my feet. Saturated colors look great with my coloring. I have been experimenting with my scarves lately. It hasn’t been super cold out, but I have been grabbing a scarf instead of a jacket most days on my way out of the door. I like how knotting the ends of this scarf and then looping it around my neck looked. I thought that it was a fun way to add color and interest that was also baby-proof. I love that these earrings that I purchased while visiting one of my best friends in Maine looked too. They match perfectly with the scarf and pop against my darker hair. They are not baby proof though. Buggy was grabbing and  pulling on them the  whole time we were running errands. OUCH!

Here are some silly shots  🙂

I have finally convinced the Hubs to take my daily photos (he rarely would for my old blog) and he wanted me to “burrow” and then jump. This is what he got. I think they are silly. I like silly sometimes.

In effort to live out Goals #9 and #11 I did my meal planning and purchased mostly non-processed foods this week.  I am excited about tonight’s dinner. Chicken sausage with pesto pasta and brussels sprouts. I also got lots of yummy fruits today. I can’t wait to get everything organized for the week.

More Poison and Wine lyrics!  I am obsessed with this song because so much of it rings true in my life and relationship with the Hubs. We recently celebrated the 12th anniversary of our first date. We have been together our whole adult lives and through that kind of time, you grow closer together, more in love, and become a stronger couple. You also know exactly how to push one’s buttons and can cause the most damage to each other. You think that the other person knows only what you want them to know about you, but in reality they know everything that you don’t want them to know as well! And despite all of that, I still choose the Hubs!! ❤ conquers all!!


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